Medieval entertainers - Jesters, jugglers, fire eaters, minstrels, magicians, fortune readers

Medieval entertainers for all occasions! Every performance is planned round what you want - choose from a variety of performers - anything from a one-man potted show, jesters to perform fire eating and act as the Master of Ceremonies, to a fully all-singing, all-dancing event with songs, games, riddles, magic, Tarot readings, fire-eating, juggling, stilt walking, story telling, audience participation, plays and dancing

'Sod the Jester' brandishing a carrot ready for the dreaded 'Ordeal By Root Vegetable' a fate reserved for those deemed to be 'Naughtie people'!

Most of the events we perform at focus on 'fun' rather than full-on technical period accuracy - hysterical rather than historical and more fancy dress party than reenactors convention. We have the performers top cover both styles though - just let us know what you would like.

If you want a lively evening for a sales team to unwind after a long conference, or something rather more gentle and sophisticated we can help. All performers have at least two skills, most have many more  and we love to look at 'joined-up' options for you, covering everything from the arrival of the first guest to the departure of the last. Using the same professionals saves you the cost and hassle of having to book different groups. Want a trumpet fanfare? No problem - two of our minstrels can play the instrument. A procession to the top table, with medieval pipes and drums? Again - our medieval entertainers can help.

All performances are covered by our unique full 'no quibble' money back guarantee - you'll be totally happy with the show and can book with absolute confidence. As the experts, we should know enough about these events to offer this assurance - any professional group should. Naturally, all of our performers have full third party insurance (usually through their 'Equity' membership). When electrical equipment is used, it is all fully P.A.T. (Health and Safety) tested.

There are many different medieval entertainers available to you, and we really want to give you the best possible show. If you are not sure what entertainers would be best for your event, download any of free ebooks and PDFs available instantly through the link on the left. If it would help, please free to call and discuss the choices open to you, or simply email a few details about your event - the date, location, times, numbers of guests and what you would like to happen. I'll send suggestions and proposals.

Paul Hurst