Medieval Themed Wedding

Jester greeting bride

'Meeting and greeting' with a touch of class

A medieval themed wedding can offer so many opportunities with the entertainment

Even if you are not having a full-on event with all the gusts dressed up in period costume, having just even one or two performers can really add some 'fun' and interest to the day - especially in a period venue.

Sometimes, we are asked to come up with ideas based on other themes. requests to date include 'Star Wars' and 'French Musketeers'.

One popular idea is to have musicians with a variety of instruments, including period ones such as the hurdy gurdy or medieval English bagpipes, but with the performers dressed in a later style - rather than full-on medieval.

Here is a picture of two of us playing for a wedding at Lympne Castle.

musicians at Lympne Castle

Compared to a trio in rather more flamboyant costumes!


Musicians at Goudhurst

Options for a Medieval Themed Wedding

Banners for hire

To get some more ideas, why not download the free ebook or PDF with suggestions for a Medieval themed wedding

You can download the file to your Kindle, iPad or other reader, or just browse on your PC or Mac.

Each event is individually tailored for the client.

Here are a few options that you may wish to consider for your 'Big Day' - and please don't hesitate to contact us with your own personal wish list. I'll happily put together a proposal for you, with ideas, suggestions and prices.

- Meet and greet guests on arrival

- Music during the wedding ceremony, Bride piped into the room, background music and/or songs during the signing of the register, Bridge and Groom played out

- Background music during the photographs and drinks reception, Jester available as Master of Ceremonies - Trumpet fanfare to announce the start of the banquet

- Top table / guests played in with pipes and drums

- The Rules of the Banquet read out

- Songs, tunes, riddles, monologues and table magic during the banquet

- A jester available as Toastmaster - A play, country dancing, magic show, fortune telling and/or disco afterwards

It's your event - you are the boss! Just tell us what you would like.

And our contacts with other groups mean that we can integrate different styles and performers into the day, giving you only a single contact to deal with

Jazz band

The only problem is that, as you can understand, there are not a huge number of performers available - especially for Saturdays in the summer. Please don't delay in contacting us, it would be a shame to loose 'your' group to someone else.

Give me a call now and I can provisionally reserve a date, without obligation, while we discuss options.

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